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Most Kanthaus windows are from the DDR: these are basically old-school, wood-frame-and-glass windows, but doubled. You can seperate them by carefully unscrewing the two slit-screws facing inwards on the frame.

DDR window repair

Glass replacement

  • replacement glass: Wagner Fenster @ Jacobsplatz are nice and might have some old windows you can negotiate for. Transport glass in frame, much less likely to break. Otherwise Baumarkt? Our windows our surprisingly large: see the Dorm window for how to make do with smaller bit of glass.
  • clear frame: Knock out old glass, scrape away old kit and nails so you have bare, clean wood all the way around. Use gloves and be careful!
  • cutting glass: We have a glass cutter and instructions in the workshop, in a small plastic container, on the shelf above the screws. Please read the instructions thoroughly and ensure you can reliably make a long, straight cut before trying on your final piece! Glass should be ~2mm smaller than frame on every side.
  • fit glass: carefully place cut glass in empty frame. Fix roughly in place with window nails: there is a bag of them in the white 'goo' cupboard at the bottom, at the back. Push them in using a spatula using only horizontal force. One every 10-15cm.
  • grout glass:
    • traditional: get a bag of fenster kit, warm it up. Using a spatula, grout it in as a 45 degree wedge (see any other window). The window can now be remounted. The kit should be painted over after ~1 week, once the kit has developed a 'skin', with linseed oil paint. Paint should go over and onto the window glass and frame ~2mm — the paint acts as an oxygen barrier, keeping the kit flexible and long-lasting.
    • modern: use silicone gun and nylon wedges. Shouldn't need painting... but please use white silicone :)

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