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:white_check_mark: Coordination Meeting

The weekly meeting to coordinate everyone's actions and keep up-to-date with what's going on in/with the house. Colloquially called 'CoMe'.

Time and place

The default is Monday 10 am in the dining room. The meeting lasts until 11 am maximum.

Scope and importance

This is the most important meeting at Kanthaus. It takes place every week, we take notes which we publish on our website and we expect people to take part if they want to know what's going on.


A facilitator guides through the meeting, reads out the relevant informational sections and guides through the discussion points. Topics are collected before-hand in the CoMe pad. This document is then used as base for the meeting by the facilitator.


The CoMe pad is not subject to the core documents which means that facilitators can change it as they see fit and add or omit sections to their liking.

Sections which have been used reliably for a long time are (in chronological order):

Introduction & review of the week before
  • a greeting
  • a moment of silence
    • to focus the attention
  • a brief check-in round
    • to have heard everyone's voice and be able to understand their current mode
  • finding volunteers for the imminent meeting tasks
    • meaning someone to take notes, someone to update the physical board, and someone for the digital calendar
    • the volunteer to clear all weekly reservation sheets after the meeting is also found now
  • an overview of resources used in the last week (e.g. water and electricity)
    • to give people a feeling of how much we as a group consume
    • the format has been changed many times and is still not satisfying
  • irregular communal income and expenses
    • for transparency
  • a summary of things that happened in and around Kanthaus
    • to celebrate achievements
Planning of the current week
  • an overview of planned arrivals and departures this week
    • to nurture and/or protect the community feeling
  • the weather forcast
    • to take into account for the schedule
  • who is due to be evaluated or have a visitor check-in
    • to be able to schedule them
  • the schedule for the week
    • 1st main part of the meeting
    • creates the communal week plan
  • if someone wants to get/buy something
    • to find out if buying is necessary and/or get approval from the group
  • discussion and announcements
    • 2nd main part of the meeting
    • the space for people to raise points concerning the current week and/or near future
  • task lottery and food planning
    • to distribute communal dinner preparation and hosting of the free shop opening

Sections which are new, have been there in the past or are used only sometimes are:

  • an selection of subjectively interesting world news
  • a tiny version of Tekmíl or a space for potentially critical feedback to others present
  • a to-do list for fixes and improvements around the house
  • handing out responsibilities (like answering the phone or mails) for the whole week
  • a list of who is actively hosting whom
  • probably more that got forgotten over time...

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