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:cloud: Nextcloud

We have our own instance of Nextcloud hosted on our server to store immutable data and our calendar.

Who can reach it where?

The address is:

You need to have an account to access the Nextcloud. Volunteers and Members are given accounts, others can access the kanthaus-public folder via

How to mount it as a shared directory on my machine?

Nextcloud is reachable via the WebDAV protocol. On many Linux variants, you can connect to it in your file manager via the following address (where ${my_username} is replaced by your Nextcloud username):

  • davs://${my_username}/ for Gnome
  • webdav://${my_username}/ for KDE
  • You can also mount it manually as a filesystem with davfs2

More information about this setup is available in the Nextcloud manual, including instructions for MacOS and Windows.

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