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:memo: Evaluation record

In the evaluation record, which is a file in the private kanthaus repository on gitlab, we record a summary of the evaluations required by our positions system. At the end of an evaluation, the facilitator is expected to record the evaluation in this table.


The evaluation record is a table (written in CSV format), containing for each evaluation the following fields:

  • Date
  • Person being evaluated
  • Position before the evaluation
  • Position applied for
  • New position
  • People who got to vote on the position
  • Other non-voting people present at the evaluation
  • Notes, giving a broad summary of the topics of the evaluation and the general situation of the evaluee


In combination with the residence record, this file is used to determine automatically who is due for evaluation before each CoMe.

This file can also be consulted by volunteers and members who were unable to attend an evaluation, to get a gist of what was said.

Occasionally, this file is analyzed to gather statistics about our position system or attendance of evaluations.

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