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:train: Travel

As much as you love Kanthaus, you should get out now and then!

Public transport

:information_source: Beginning 01 Jan 2023, the 49 € ticket should be in action! This will allow you to take all buses, trams and non-ICE trains (e.g. S-Bahn, RE) across Germany for 49 € per month! :information_source:

:information_source: If you fancy a bit of direct action, you can ride illegally-but-supported with the campaign on buses, trams and S-Bahn for a 9 € / month contribution to the fines-fund :information_source:

Wurzen, Leipzig, Halle, Merseburg and Oschatz all lie within the Mitteldeutscher Verkehrsverbund (MDV). There is a nice map of the whole zone and subzones here. A lot of us really like the Öffi transport app for journey plannning which is free and open-source, available on F-Droid and Google Play.

To Leipzig

The train is most convenient, with the station only 200 m from Kanthaus with 3 connections per hour. The S3 leaves at xx:18 and xx:48 and normally takes 45 minutes to the main station. The RE 50 leaves at xx:31 and takes ~20 minutes. If you would to go to the eastern districts of Leipzig, it might be quicker to take the S3 (to L. Anger Crottendorf or L. Stötteritz, ~25 minutes). The following tickets are valid for both trains.

:warning: You may get fined if your ticket is not "entwertet". If your ticket doesn't have a date-time, you need to punch it into one of the stamp-machines :warning:

The MDV Einzelfahrkarte is a one-way ticket that can be bought at any time, online or at the machines, for 7,10 €.

  • This fare can be reduced using the BahnCard 25 to a Normalpreis mit BahnCard-Rabatt Einfach for 5,85 €. The BahnCard 25 discount card costs 56.90 € for one year.
  • This fare can be reduced using the ABO Flex to an MDV Einzelfahrkarte ABO Flex for 4,80 €. The ABO Flex discount card costs 6,90 € / month, with a minimum period of 6 months.
  • The discounts can't be combined.

Alternatively, the MDV Hoppertickets are only available online via the website or app, or the MOOVME. They are only available between 09:00 - 04:00 on weekdays, no restrictions on the weekend.

  • MDV Hopperticket Einzelfahrt: 6,70 € (one-way)
  • MDV Hopperticket Hin- und Rückfahrt: 11,00 € (return: the return journey must be made before 04:00 the next day)
  • These tickets are unaffected by BahnCards or ABO Flex's

The fares are cheaper from Bennewitz Bhf which is ~3.3 Km (~19 minutes bike ride) from Kanthaus, with the MDV Einzelfahrkarte costing 5,40 € and the MDV Einzelfahrkarte ABO Flex: 3,20 €. The Hopper ticket isn't any cheaper :shrug:

There also seems to be a bus which goes from Wurzen to Leipzig Sommerfeld, the 691, but the times going there and back are quite irregular, Sommerfeld is far from the center and the price is unknown—not recommendable.

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