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:memo: Residence record

In the residence record, we record the residents of Kanthaus on a daily basis. The file is stored in a private git repository on our server.

Why are people recorded?

  • Because of our positions system, which requires us to know how much time individuals spend at the space.
  • We love data. That's why we collect a lot of that, also on people.

How and when are people recorded?

  • Whoever spent a night in Kanthaus will be recorded for the following day.
  • People are listed chronologically. That means if Lisa and Bob arrive on the same day, but Bob comes at 5pm and Lisa at 8pm, Bob is recorded before Lisa.
  • Many names are quite common, so we add a suffix. Whoever records a person first can decide on the suffix and if it is even needed. Common suffixation patterns are: first letters of last name or abbreviation of context organization.
  • If you record someone with a frequent name make sure there has not been someone else recorded without a suffix already!
  • Adding suffixes to past records is completely fine. What counts is reliable data.
  • The residence record ideally is updated every day to avoid making mistakes.

What if I don't want to be recorded?

  • You can provide us with a consistent pseudonym, that we will use instead of your name.

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