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:bar_chart: Grafana server

We use a Grafana instance to monitor various things in the house, which can be accessed at

Getting access

The Grafana board can be viewed by anyone. To modify it you need a Nextcloud account and need to be part of the Kanthaus group.

Logging new quantities in Grafana

To track new metrics in Grafana you will need to store them in the underlying InfluxDB database, hosted at If you are writing from an IOT device running inside Kanthaus, running from the 192.168.5.* subnet, then you cannot directly reach the internet: instead, you can point your device to http://kanthaus-server:88/influxdb which will proxy your requests to the outside.

You will need to supply credentials to be able to access InfluxDB: you can find those in our central password store. The InfluxDB database to use is kanthaus.

You can use InfluxDB's API to regularly write new values to the database. For instance, with curl this could look like this:

curl --request POST \
"http://kanthaus-server:88/influxdb/api/v2/write?bucket=kanthaus/" \
  --header "Authorization: Basic YOUR_API_CREDENTIALS" \
  --header "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8" \
  --data-binary '
    airSensors,sensor_id=TLM0201 temperature=73.97038159354763,humidity=35.23103248356096,co=0.48445310567793615 1630424257000000000
    airSensors,sensor_id=TLM0202 temperature=75.30007505999716,humidity=35.651929918691714,co=0.5141876544505826 1630424257000000000

See InfluxDB's documentation about the line protocol for details about the format of the data to post.

Once your quantity is logged in InfluxDB, you can create a new panel for it in Grafana. This can be done from Grafana's web interface directly.

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