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:1234: Room Numbering

As the Kanthaus consist of two houses with multiple levels per house and multiple rooms per level, there is the need for a systemic numbering approach. The numbering is split up into different sections for each part:

  • House
  • Level
  • Room

This makes up for a reference like K20-0-2 for the Silent Office or K22-1-1 for the Sorano


The houses are identified as:

  • K20
  • K22


The floor you enter a building on from the street or courtyard is called ground floor or numbered 0.

  • B: Basement
  • 0: Ground floor
  • 1: Floor directly above ground floor
  • 2: Top regular floor
  • 3: Attic
  • 4: Spitzboden


Individual rooms in the specified section are identified by numbering them counter-clockwise starting from the point where you enter the floor's hallway to the right with 1.

The room numbering is individual for most floors but generally is in the range from 1 to 5.


  • Hallways: Don't have numbers. Referenced as (e.g.) K20-1 hallway
  • Staircase: Don't have numbers. Reference as (e.g.) K20 staircase
  • Half-Floor rooms in staircases: K20-0# is the room halfway between K20-0 and K20-1
  • The small "rooms" behind the old K20 bathrooms are not numbered and instead interpreted as belonging to the bigger rooms

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