Calendar :calendar:

We host our own (CalDAV) calendar on out Nextcloud instance:

Calendars overview

  • main - kh events of relevance to most residents
  • main-long - as for main, except only if the event spans multiple days (this calendar exists not to crowd the main calendar, which is an issue for phone users.)
  • regular - repeating kh events which don't affect everyone
  • people - for recording visitors visiting times
  • residents - for residents to indicate absence/presence as they wish
  • Deprecated? wurzen - events happening in Wurzen
  • Deprecated? leipzig - events happening in Leipzig. See for more
  • müll - waste collection dates from KELL
  • festivals-events-etc - for external events that may be of interest to others
  • KMV - if you're planning on taking the transporter away from KH, record that here
  • Contact birthdays - automagically generated from birthdates in the 'khontacts' contact book

Android/AOSP phone access

  • Download Davx5
    • Recommended to download via F-droid
  • Open Davx5, add new account, select "Login with URL and user name",
    • Base URL:
    • User name:
    • Password:
  • Got to 'Caldav', select all calendars you want to sync


  • Your calendar app should already have Caldav capabilities
  • Find 'add calendar' or equivalent
  • Use the same details as for Android/AOSP

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