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:baby: Baby Bathroom (or K22-1-2)

The bathroom in which once a baby was born.


  • use the toilet
  • use the sink


  • passthrough heater for warm water

Toilet flush

The original flush has the problem of not closing properly which lead to a lot of wasted water. That's why we removed the cover and operate it manually now. This is how it looks like:

Baby bathroom toilet flush Don't be afraid to touch this... ;)

The white part on the left (let's call it flushing part) needs to be lifted for water to flush down into the toilet. Letting it go down again will stop the water flow.


If the water doesn't stop running down into the toilet, there might be some dirt that prevents it from closing properly. Just move and turn the flushing part to 'clean' the orifice it's supposed to close.

If the tank in the wall doesn't stop refilling, the black part of the filling valve is probably stuck below the white frame. Look at the picture above to see that it needs to be above the white frame.

Passthrough heater

A Clage MCX 7 6.5 kW electrical passthrough heater is installed below the sink. It automatically switches on when you turn on hot water. The heater has three settings which heat the water to different temperatures as indicated below:

  • ECO - green light (35 degrees)
  • COMFORT - orange light (38 degrees)
  • MAX - red light (45 degrees)

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