:signal_strength: Wi-Fi

simply and quick

  • Network/SSID: kanthaus-gast
  • no password

This network offers you about 8 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload. Your traffic will be routed through a Dutch VPN provider. Please make sure that you encrypt your traffic yourself appropriately or do not consider this network to be secure.

more secure, faster, printing, ...


The usage of Multiple usernames allows us to serve different types of access. Grab the one that suits you!

Username Description Examples
normal For all who simply need the Internet and maybe want to print something. Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops of normal users
full For all who need full access to the network and want to see other devices LAN party
full-temp When people temporarily need full access to the network LAN Party with guests
vpn Routed through the netherlands. Same like kanthaus-gast, but with encrypted Wi-Fi. (passwort is vpn) Neighbors and Travellers on the street with more safety awareness
admin Full access to all networking devices, including web interfaces of routers, switches and firewall Network admins

Installation: Linux / Networkmanager

Select the network kanthaus and click on "Connect"

Set following settings

  1. Tunneled TLS
  2. Download and select the CA Certificate (maybe you need to right click -> save as)
  3. MSCHAPv2
  4. Select a username from the username table above (e.g. normal)
  5. Password for all users you get by asking in the kanthaus

Installation: Android 9

  • Download the CA Certificate and save it somewhere on your phone
  • Settings -> Security & location -> Encryption & credentials -> Install from SD Card -> select the downloaded certificate
  • Use a name like "Kanthaus" and select "Wi-Fi" as the crential use
  • Connect to kanthaus, select the CA certificate and enter the credentials

Installation: Android 4.4

to be written... (simply never connect without the CA Certificate!)

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